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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Turkey - Where the Ancient's Played

While I began my travels by flying into Copenhagen and then meeting my travel partner in Amsterdam,

 it was in Turkey where the real adventure began. A sleepless overnight flight into Istanbul, a tango marathon and four days of sightseeing left our legs aching and us exhausted! We stayed in an and met some lovely people from Chicago, Canada, Holland, and Syria.

Our adventures included shopping at the spice market, drinking lots of tea, eating fantastic food (pictured above in the clay pot on fire), seeing the sites, and tangoing. In Istanbul there are many tours you can buy that will take you into the heart of the country... and after a ten hour bus trip, we arrived at the location of the remains of an ancient Christian community who hid from its enemies in caves. Elaborate churches and many communities pepper the area revealing a thriving community of like minded souls striving to be free. This is of course the communities at Cappadocia.

We slept in a cave hotel but because these tours are so full of activity, we had only a brief rest before

The day continued with a hike through a gorgeous river valley also peppered with caves from the various hermits who went into the wilderness to find God. Ancient Thoreaus experimenting with the true needs of life.

Once this fast paced tour was finished - complete with stops at the rug store (where we bought a rug and made a friend of th esalesman - quiet a character!) and a stop at the oynx and silver shop - we  had adsorbed as much as we could in a very short amount of time. We boarded the bus again and headed to Pamukkle, the fantastic spa waters where Cleopatra and Marc Antone once bathed. I felt like a queen while wallowing in the calcium filled mud. I gave my self a very public facial with the healing muds - luckily no cameras were present to record it!

Our tour continued to the ancient city of Epheseus and the modern city of Selcec. Our tour included excellent hotels and breakfasts and lunches. But by the fourth day of touring we were exhausted.Luckily we had scheduled an extra day to lay by the pool.

After 10 days of Turkey, we were ready for a break. We took a day off to swim and sleep....
Read about my gift that turned into a nightmare on my next blog post!

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