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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bread Crust and Other Small Things

My daughter loves the crust of bread. I, however, hate eating the crust. This has worked out well for us for a long time as I would give her my crust off every sandwich -- well , I say give, actually she use to steal them from me.

I tried to be grown up and eat them as a good example to not waste food.  My daughter is grown and I am faced with those long brown rectangles.. dry and tasteless in my mouth. Here at midlife, I have to tell you... I just don't want to eat those crusts on my sandwiches anymore. Not even a little bit.

So here it is, a little bit of joy just for me... I am not eating crusts anymore. There are other small things I will no longer put up with and then again there are huge things I also will no longer allow for in my life. Bread crust on sandwiches is one of them.

I encourage you to delve into yourselves and decide what you will and will not do or tolerate in your lives... It is your life after all, don't live it for anyone else and don't let anyone live it for you.
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