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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Generate the Life You Want

 Welcome to my new blog, Have a Cup of Tea with Teachergrrrl. This blog is devoted to helping students of all ages, parents and other teachers to live their best lives. Here I will explore various tools that will serve you  in finding how you can meet your own needs and the needs of those around you.

I have been an educator for over 20 years - in fact my favorite game to play when a child was make believe school. I would line up my dolls and teach them to read! To my friends I was always the one to come to to talk about problems and find solutions. As a teacher, I have helped many students from grade school age to college age navigate social and emotional challenges in their lives as well as teaching various subjects from preschool to high school subjects. I have worked with parents, guiding families to work to create success by introducing systems that create powerful changes.

Currently I teach 8th grade in a Waldorf School - a school that looks at the whole child in a whole way. I use artistic, nutrition, intellectual, and rhythmic solutions to address life's problems.

Send me questions, problems, or wonderings. Let's explore together!